Tips for securing your school over the summer break

So the summer holidays are upon us, but how are you making sure that your school remains safe during the long break?

Typical school security/safety threats, breakdown into 3 categories:

  1. Nuisance Break In – This type of issue is usually caused by youths. Most educational institutions border areas with large amounts of open space that are home to large groups of youths during their summer break. Usually caused by boredom this type of damage can range from balls been kicked at windows to forced entry, causing damage but removing little of value.
  2. Professional Break In – Premediated forced entry by offenders using highly skilled methods, usually committing small amounts of concentrated damage whilst removing expensive equipment to sell.
  3. Malicious Break In – This type of break in is usually specifically targeted causing significant damage to the contents and interior of the building and can often include arson. This type of offender is typically more inclined to destroy property rather than to steal items.

Below are a few of our tips to prevent your school from becoming the target:

  • Maintain the security you already have.
    • Ensure CCTV is serviced and alarms have been tested extensively
    • Run several tests with different camera positions to make sure that your are best equipped to catch possible faces or even licence plates.
    • Triple check fences and locks. Ensure that fences have no weak spots and that padlocks are being used correctly and do not need replacing.
  • Secure High Value Items.
    • Double check that you have an up to date inventory of models and serial numbers of technology.
    • Try to lock away all high value items in a safe room with no windows. If this is not possible then at least try to make sure nothing of high value is visible through windows.
  • Post Warning Signs.
    • A primary layer of security is to post warning signs citing CCTV, this initial deterrent can scare less seasoned criminals off.
  • Do a final walk around to make sure window coverings are closed to hide all contents, this is especially important for any ground floor rooms.
  • In the weeks leading up to the end of term make sure that any overgrown shrubbery or trees are cutback and landscape is organised so as to remove any potential hiding places.
  • Collect keys from all staff not needing to access the school over the summer break.
  • Remove all money from the premises.

Unfortunately schools will never be immune to acts of burglary, vandalism or arson, however there are steps to take to reduce the chances of becoming the victim. The steps outlined should be a good first step in adding layers of security however there are further levels of physical security that can be added. Retractable Grilles and Roller Shutters are a very popular and effective way of preventing any damage to the property whilst also deterring any would be vandals.

For any further advice on ways you could secure your school do not hesitate to get in touch!

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