Tips to Protect Your Home

5 Inexpensive Tips to Protect Your Home

  1. Think like a burglar, look for places around the exterior of your home that are dark and not easily visible to neighbours or from the street, this is where a burglar might lurk.     (a)Trim and thin out bushes.  (b)Keep your exterior well lit, landscape lighting and/or motion detectors
  2. Keep Them Guessing, try not to establish any patterns of behaviour. If a burglar can’t be sure of your comings and goings then they are less likely to target your home
  3. .Be a good neighbour. Get acquainted with your neighbours, and offer to keep an eye on their homes while they’re away. Know where they’re going and when they’ll be back, and get a contact phone number. If your keeping an eye on their property, they are more likely to keep an eye on yours.
  4. Deny access. Make sure that you use all of the locks on your windows and doors, and check them before leaving the house. The most common mistake people make is leaving doors or windows unlocked whilst they pop out somewhere, “I was only gone for 5 minutes” is an all too regular comment made after a burglary.
  5. Show a light,  Pay attention to lighting indoors, too. Set lights on a timer, and change the timing frequently to keep burglars from detecting your daily routines. Burglars generally do not target homes whilst people are inside.

5 Additional Layers of Defence for Your Home

  1. Improve Your Door and Window Locks, a cylinder lock and a mortice deadlock on your front door, window locks in a prominent position, these steps will not only help secure your home but they make it obvious to the burglar that your home is not an easy target.
  2. Burglars don’t like burglar alarms, install an alarm in a clearly visible position and make sure that you always set it when your out. (the downside with an alarm is, ask yourself “how many times have I heard an alarm going off and ignored it).
  3. Use Roller Shutters and Window Gates to Prevent Access, if burglars can’t get in, then they can’t steal your property. For people who are anxious or who have been burgled numerous times then taking the serious step of using these products may be the answer. Modern roller shutters can be attractive and installed on the inside can give the high levels of security needed without detracting from the house.
  4. Get A Dog !!, it may seem obvious, but the sound of a big dog barking when a burglar approaches, not only scares him but also can alert neighbours that something is wrong
  5. Install New Windows, if your windows are old and/or single pane glazing, it may be worth looking at new double glazing. By specifying laminated glass and upgraded locking systems on the windows, this will effectively make it too difficult for the burglar to break-in.

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