Domestic Security – Why?

You have worked really hard to furnish your home with expensive technology, beautiful furniture and memories, don’t make it easy for somebody to ruin it!

Retractable Security Grilles - Home

Your home is precious – protect it!

There are simple security tips that we can all follow:

  • Don’t leave keys, ID documents or technology in easy access/visibility of windows, doors or letterboxes.
  • Lock sheds and garages so that your ladders or garden tools cannot be used to aid a break in.
  • Keep side gates and all doors locked at all times.

However sometimes you want to afford yourself that little bit more security and peace of mind, so what options do you have?

In May 2015 alone, West Midlands Police attended 1,719 burglaries (UKCrimeStats) within the area and with some simple additional security you could ensure that your home would put up more of a fight.

Roller shutters secure your windows.

Roller shutters secure your windows.

A common area for a break in’s can be through your garage. Tools and equipment stored in here are often highly lucrative, the installation of a Roller Shutter has a number of features that will protect you further.

Roller Garage Door - Green

The aesthetic doesn’t have to be compromised.

Rolling up neatly into a top box, they do not compromise the aesthetics of your home whilst providing a heavy duty deterrent to burglars.

Domestic Security - West Midland Shutters

No extra space is taken up!

Retractable Gates and Grilles are another common yet effective security product for the home, the ideal option for inside windows or french doors provides an extra layer of protection whilst the retractable feature ensures that this addition will only be visible to passers by when you choose to close/lock them. There has been a huge increase in the number of people having a Home Office however it is extremely important to protect these due to the amount of sensitive data and costly technology we store in them.

Home Office Security Grilles

Secure your home office.

With an Anti-Jemmy Plate, these gates and grilles protect against an attack with a crowbar.

Domestic Security - West Midland Shutters

Perfect for all windows

Here at West Midland Shutters and Grilles we are happy to visit properties to advise on the best solution for you, affording that added peace of mind.